Punjab is found in India and Pakistan, and Punjabi is spoken in both India and Pakistan. Punjab means where five reverses meet, likewise this place is the same where you can easily talk to people from different places of the world i.e. India, Pakistan, UK, Canada and Australia on only one chat room known as Punjabi Chat rooms. You can communicate in Indian Punjabi and Pakistani Punjabi with each other in this chat room. So enjoy and join now for Gupshup with Punjabi from INDIAN and Pakistani as well as from different places. Have fun and spent your quality time with Punjabi people who are known by their language and cool attitude. Some Examples Of Punjabi, "Punjabi Kuriyan (girls) Munday (boys) In Lahore Chat Room" hihellobye.pk Di Shan. "Sikh Punjabi Gabru Jawan", "nawa aya way sonaya", Punjabi Jutt" These All Variety Of Punjabai Chat..

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